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It’s not the end

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A summary does not reflect all the effort, laughs, stress and happiness that our Open School has generated.

Project results: what did we achieve?

The Competence framework of the Village Host: the key skills that help a Village Host support small villages and rural areas in improving quality of life standards.

Online pilot training on platform: an online repository of interesting and helpful slides, practical activities and videos to help village hosts develop powerful rural projects. You can subscribe and access this treasure now!

Toolbox: an extra resource created by Elisava to guide village hosts in designing the projects.

Live pilot training: an exciting meet-up in Southern Italy, precisely in Grottole, where village hosts from all over Europe met to share and grow together.

Handbook: a legacy document and a guide on how to train future village hosts, covering the essential tools, methodologies and approaches.

Manifesto:  a legacy document that will help the institutional recognition of the precious role of village hosts for sustainable rural development. Click on the link, download it, read it and sign it if you agree with it!

Final events: just another start!

The final events were an occasion to meet local stakeholders and share the results of our project, which were warmly welcomed and seen as an opportunity to give visibility to the role of the Village Hosts.







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