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September 2023 Newsletter

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This month is packed with good news!

The online training

The 40 Village Hosts that were selected out of 162 applicants took part in the online training on

Through theoretical, practical and peer-to-peer sessions, they reflected on their projects and pushed them forward.

If you missed this chance, you still can subscribe to the online platform and benefit from the contents and network with other village hosts!

Live training in Grottole 14-20 May

Last May, Village Hosts took part in an inspiring and intensive training week in Grottole, in the Region of Basilicata, in Southern Italy.

Practitioners from Latvia, Italy, Spain, Poland, Serbia, Portugal, Denmark, France, the Netherlands met the experts John Thackara, Andrea Paoletti, Rocco Pisilli, Dragana Tomic Pilipovic, Sanja Milosavljevic, Justyna Turek, Henryk Stawicki, Maxim Dedushkov, Massimo Menichinelli, Nora Freimane, Paula Benuža and Aija Freimane.

Thanks to peer to peer feedback, on field activities, theoretical sessions and – let’s recognise it – collective intelligence, the practitioners have gone back home with a handful of motivation.

Inspiring stories

Learn about Village Hosts Stories and check these testimonials from 3 village hosts who took part in the online and live training!

How about now? Follow the next steps.

To spread the contributive knowledge and tools gathered in the last few months, Open School for Village Hosts is designing and will soon release:

  • A Handbook collecting useful tools and guidelines for Village Hosts to develop projects
  • The Manifesto of Village Hosts to advocate for our values and address policy makers with our necessities

For any query that you may have, do not hesitate to contact us:



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